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20 November, 2006

Things I miss. Category: Food

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I would give my left profile for:

  • Linda McCartney veggie sausages
  • any veggie sausages
  • anything veggie, edible and buyable in the supermarket
  • not having to have dull conversations about why I don’t eat meat, then having to justify why I do eat fish to full-on carniverous casuists
  • cheap, healthy food
  • yellow bananas, ie not green or brown – the bananas here are GM-ed to go straight from green to brown
  • mon amour to share a meal with
  • take-aways that I actually want to take-away
  • hair and skin products that aren’t made by vaseline, nivea or pantene
  • that Italian shop on Picton street
  • sub-class of above point: good quality pasta, that isn’t considered somehow exotic
  • organic stuff
  • paying for stuff when I get to the till, instead of one day. I mean, I hate pret-a-manger but at least they don’t prolong the agony
  • chapel street market (still)
  • being able to buy booze in a supermarket – wine you can buy, anything else you have to slope off to a ‘liquor store’ like you’ve got a problem
  • shops on streets instead of in malls.

I’m convinced that malls are actually little bits of Purgatory on Earth. I’m glad I’m not a Catholic. I couldn’t spend the undecided bit of my afterlife thrashing around Cresta / The Galleries / Campus Square / Cribbs Causeway / Lakeside Thurrock trying to find an exit, any exit. Particularly if my only release was the ultimate damnation of Ikea.



  1. gosh. life in joburg is rather like life in lisbon!
    except the bananas. and the booze… and there is a tiny tiny bit of veggie stuff…(which is lucky, cos you know i ain’t one..though after an enormous lunch of fried liver i feel i’m getting closer to being a veggie anyday…bleurgh)…and i hate bananas anyway.

    worse than english malls are portuguese malls. and they’re prolific. and ghastly. what the hell is wrong with walking in a street for god’s sake?


    Comment by lucy — 22 November, 2006 @ 4:41 pm

  2. I love the pics on your blog and those Jacaranda trees (hope I got the spelling right) are beautiful. Their colour is gorgeous.

    Sounds like you are on a very interesting adventure in South Africa.

    Comment by Francesca — 25 November, 2006 @ 4:23 pm

  3. If you’re having trouble finding good food and want to stay out of the malls, check out Fruits and Roots, just north of Melville in Emmerentia on Barry Hertzog. It’s full of health foods and enviro-friendly things and it’s a bit of a relief to be inside of the store, for some homesick reason. Next to the Fruits and Roots are some butchers, an Indian spice store, and a vegetable market, too. It’s all in the little shop-village at the light in Emmerentia–can’t miss it!

    If you want to read about other Jo-burg adventures, albeit from an American perspective, check out my blog at


    Comment by Bob — 13 January, 2007 @ 8:34 am

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