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17 December, 2006

View from Northcliff Mountain

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Northcliff ‘Mountain’ is a hill very close to where I live. You can drive to the top and look out over 270 degrees of Joburg, which has a pretty impressive skyline. The pictures below were taken from Northcliff Mountain a month or so ago.

View from Northcliff mountain 2
Looking towards the CBD (Central Business District), with the Melville Koppies nature reserve in the middle. Lines of Jacarandas visible too.

View from Northcliff mountain 1
This is what Joburg looks like and feels like when you get into the northern suburbs. Loads of trees and roads. The big white building in the centre of the picture is Cresta-Yak mall.

The northern suburbs constitute the whole of the north of Joburg, and there are similar suburbs to the East of the city. I’m not sure about the West and South. The other, non-suburby-feeling-areas are the city centre, suburbs-cum-townships like Westbury (below); some old suburbs like Brixton, Yeoville and Mayfair which are quite mixed racially, and which I like but they are considered dangerous. Then there are the townships, such as Soweto, Alexandra and Tembisa, which are on the outskirts of the city. Most of the white people I know here have never been to the townships even though some of them are big towns in their own right.


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  1. Oh wow,

    LOVE the Jacarandas… looks fantastic!

    Comment by deeleea — 18 December, 2006 @ 5:29 am

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