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18 January, 2007

Raining in Soweto

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I went to a street party in Soweto a while ago. It rained. True African rain. Just like in the films. I took some pix of Soweto in the rain that I really like. Maybe I’m missing grey English winter days…

Wet highway to Soweto
Wet highway to Soweto

Raining in Soweto
Kids running on the street

Typical Sowetan house in the rain
A typical Soweto house

Food was being served out of a mobile food thing. When these guys aren’t dishing up, they run anti-violence workshops in Soweto.



  1. Have been lurking for some time. Love Africa – and the way you write. Was in Soweto nearly 13 years ago, just before the 94 election, and went to the inauguration of a recycling scheme, meant to provide jobs too for young men – they went round on bicycles wearing ?green and yellow uniforms. The speaker was Walter Sisulu, a wonderful man. Do you know if such a scheme survived? I’d love to know. And, by the way, I spent some time in Hillbrow. The woman I was staying with – white but once banned under apartheid- had been a doctor at the hospital there; I spent a day interviewing people for a piece I was getting together. It was – all of it – an extraordinary experience. Good luck to you, anyway, all ways round. It sounds like you’re doing a good job,

    Comment by grannyp — 23 January, 2007 @ 1:22 pm

  2. Your blog wet…that’s old eldos slang for:out of this world. Just squized thru and wow…Any way, I’ve just learnt about blogs today and was looking for some examples on how to do it, yours the best I’ve seen, but then again haven’t seen too many lol.



    Comment by Russell Florence — 22 April, 2007 @ 12:51 pm

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